Our interest and affection for the breed began in the early 1970’s when Kym of the Hollow joined us at our home in the County of Sussex in England. Little did we know how much she would shape the path of our lives and lead to so many friends and acquaintances around the world.

We were initially pet owners but Kym proved to be a natural in the show ring when she began to be shown as a Veteran! She was a very sound and sensible bitch and we had many good times with her. Her original function was to keep our Beagle happy and stop her from chewing everything in sight whenever we were out. They came to work with us and used to enjoy their walks in the park at lunch-time and an hour’s car journey to and fro the office each day.

We would have liked to have bred from Kym but work commitments did not allow us to do so. Our interest in the breed grew and we acquired Jan, Brattlid Elena of Naraena bred by the Rayner-Bakers from Kent closely followed by Stej, Laekness Statlig Stej av Naraena who was born in quarantine in Scotland, his dam having arrived in whelp from Sweden. The late Isobel Clarkson (Laekness) and her late sister, Nancy (Anne) Charleston arranged for Bella to come over having been mated to a well-known stud dog in Sweden.

Stej and Jan produced the first Naraena litter in 1981 and Naraena Ava became the fourth member of our 4-legged canine companions.  Selective breeding has continued from there and along with our thirst for greater knowledge about the breed, came visits to Scandinavia whenever possible in order to watch the breed at shows and talk to breeders and owners in the Norwegian Elkhounds’ Country of origin. These visits also lead to the import, in 1989, of Bente av Naraena and Bjonn av Barlestone bred by the late Knut & Marie Bjorge.

On three occasions we have travelled to Norway in order to mate our bitches to well-known stud dogs from excellent Show and Hunting lines in our quest to expand the small gene pool in the UK. We were very pleased with these litters and will watch the blending of these lines with great interest. Kristina from the K litter is with us in the Netherlands and her brothers live in the UK, Ekko (Naraena Knut av Conrick) is part of Vanessa McHugh’s family and has been shown with success, Kristian and Kristoffer are much loved family pets each living with young children. Kristina’s beautiful offspring (the L Litter) are scattered around Europe including Lussi who is part of our team. In 2012 Ekko sired his first litter and his daughter Mia (Branika Bestla) has joined us. I am delighted that his valuable Norwegian show and hunting bloodlines are being recognised and will help to swell the UK gene pool.

Our Norwegian import Bente av Naraena went to the Rainbow Bridge at the ripe old age of 17½ years. Sadly her grand-daughter, (INT CH) CIB Elsa av Naraena (sired by NL Ch. Naraena Einar) joined Bente in 2013. Bente’s great grand-daughter, (INT CH) CIB, (NL CH) NK, SE-V09, KBH-V09 Naraena Kristina, is part of our family today and she, together with her daughter (NL CH) NK Naraena Lussi, form the future for our breeding programme together with Mia.

We have participated at shows in Belgium, Holland and Germany since our first visit under the Pilot Pet Travel Scheme in May 2000. We have also shown our dogs  in Norway, Sweden and Denmark with success, although limited by the rules that the breed must be successful in hunting in order to be eligible for top honours.

We cannot imagine life without a Norwegian Elkhound companion by our side. They truly are a wonderful breed and fantastic companions and family dogs.


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