Whilst visiting a very good friend of ours, Marion Wilcock (Anselig) in 1973 a cream male kitten, from a litter of Burmese she had at the time, kept curling up on our laps. He was later to become our foundation stud cat, GCCF Champion Anselig Anjin San. Marion was happy to let us have Sam although she said that she would like to see him participating at shows as he was looking extremely promising. Sam was not our first Burmese, initially we had Inky, a blue female, also bred by Marion.

Marion taught me the in’s and out’s of cat showing and Sam became a Champion. Meanwhile I was searching, with Marion’s help, to find a foundation female to compliment the old lines in Sam’s pedigree. It was not long before Wayward Running Bear, a cream kitten, joined our household. She also became a GCCF Champion and together Sam and Bella raised several litters of kittens. Their offspring were, of course, all cream, a colour we had come to admire.

Initial litters carried the Naraena prefix but a number followed bearing the name Hollowset which is registered with the GCCF in England. However, we decided to return to using the same name for both dogs and cats alike, namely, Naraena.

Over the years the cattery has been enhanced with females bred from the older Burmese lines that we covert and admire and want to preserve. Other colours were introduced in later years and kittens of most colours are occasionally available to good homes.

Sam’s son, Zak, Hollowset Fancy Free (red) carried on the line until he took his last journey to Rainbow Bridge. International Champion Pegavi Quintesence (blue tortie) and Zak’s daughter Naraena Pretty Woman (brown tortie) and two neuter boys completed the line-up at Naraena, namely Michael’s special boy “George” (International Premier Hollowset Gentleman George) who is brown and “Sammie” a chocolate whom we inherited when his owner, Wendy’s cousin, died until a lilac boy and his blue tortie sister joined the team and have been doing really well on the show bench.

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