Kopparås Freyia

Born: 27th September 2003

Bred by: Lucia Wikmark

Father: S & N UCH Kopparås Arn-Thor

Mother: Kopparås Gven

HD : A (Sweden)

Freyia was my first Västgötaspets (Swedish Vallhund) and joined our Elkie family that consisted of our import from Norway, Bente av Naraena, plus Blue and Elsa. We collected Freyia from Lucia in the December and she travelled up to Norway in the car. She was unhappy on her own and so we popped her into Bente’s comfy cage and we didn’t hear another peep out of her. Ahead of her was 7 months in Norway whilst we waited for her to be eligible to enter the UK under the Pet Passport Scheme. The dogs, plus George and Tessa (Burmese cats) were very happy to enjoy life in Norway. Of course, it was winter and the snow became very deep. One morning Freyia ran out with the Elkies and lept off the veranda steps and disappeared into the snow. It was so funny. She was totally unharmed, if a little shocked. After that she appeared careful to follow in the footsteps of the other dogs once they had laid tracks.

The breed is not widely known in Norway whereas, of course, the Norwegian Elkhound is quite the opposite. Whilst walking the Elkies and Freyia when she a was a puppy, the looks were amazing. People would look at the dogs and then do a ‘double-take’ and finally came the question “Is that a Norwegian Elkhound puppy?” The explanation followed and they would continue on their way. I entered her for a show in Elverum and I think we must have been asked what breed she is at least 100 times on that day alone!

My plans to mate Freyia to Krister had to be revised after she was injured by a horse who picked her up and threw her landing on ice. One of her legs was damaged and the injury has caused arthritis in later life. I took the decision that it may not be safe for her to carry a litter and so my hopes lie in the direction of the youngest member of my Västgötaspets family, Gracie.


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