INT NL Champion

Kopparas Krister av Naraena

Born: 27th September 2005

Bred by: Lucia Wikmark


SE UCH Skogsbydens Dennis Trotzig


SE UCH, SE V-99, INT CH Starabo Georgina

Hip Score: UK BVA/KC 5/3  FCI ‘A’

ECVO Certificate - Retinopathy Clear

Whilst staying with Lucia this young man took my eye at 4 weeks of age. I had always admired his beautiful  mum, Georgina, and I had high hopes for Krister’s future. Upon a later visit to Sweden,  the customs hall doors at the airport opened for me to exit and there was Lucia holding Krister. What a lovely welcome. My weekend came to an end all too soon and we returned to the airport with Krister in tow. Lucia talked her way into the departure lounge after she, and Krister, were checked by security and when the time came for my departure I looked back to see a little paw waving goodbye. I shed a few tears whilst I was waiting for take-off.

When the time arrived for Krister to join us, we collected him from Lucia and drove on  up to our house in Norway, Michael stayed for Christmas and the New Year and I remained whilst Krister waited out his time before he was able to enter the UK. The rules were much tighter then and it was a 6 months wait before entry following a Rabies vaccination and positive blood test. Krister is another very faithful companion and loves everyone he meets. He is very protective about his girls and spurns the invasion of another male. He likes to believe that he has a harem all of his own!

Before leaving Sweden for our new life in The Netherlands, Krister sired his second litter and so his progeny remain in the country of his birth and homeland of the breed.

He has acquitted himself well in the showring and has been awarded four certificates in the Netherlands giving him his Championship title. In 2009 he was awarded a Certificate and Best of Breed in Denmark. I hope to be able to complete his International Title.

I am planning to pair Krister with Gracie soon and look forward to the result.

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